Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life's too short

My brother chastises me for fretting about stupid little things. The thing is, a lot of little things add up to really big things. This is a little thing that drives me nuts -- only because it's so incredibly stupid.

Why, oh why do manufacturers find it necessary to put a plastic screw top on a waxed cardboard carton??? Are consumers so stupid they can't operate a cardboard carton? I know it's pointless to be weirded out by something so trivial, but when you think about how many cardboard cartons there are in the world, why make something so beautifully biodegradable into something that's not??

This seemed appropriate to me today, since yesterday was Earth Day. I also want to talk a little about plastic grocery bags. I hate them. Grocery stores are kind of obsessed with them. I take my own bags to the store, but I have to stand guard over the sacker to keep them from giving me plastic sacks. Today they tried to put my eggs into a plastic sack. I have no idea why. They also try to put things like bags o' taters in my bags. But the main thing is, they try really, really hard to underpack the bags. Someone must have told them that people don't want to carry heavy bags, but come on . . . three cans of frozen juice and a bag of potato chips makes a full bag?

Okay, enough of that. Here's a few more reasons why I love my yard in the spring:



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