Sunday, March 21, 2010

Biennial Bowling Party

When our friend, Norman, visits from Chicago, we usually try to go bowling. This is the only time Tom or I ever bowl, so we're pretty crappy. Fortunately, so is everyone else in this group. This time was especially fun because all of Norman's sibings were in town, too. It was a snowy, crummy night, but the evening started with a delightful spaghetti dinner at Paul's house.

Then, on to the bowling alley. Tom exhibits his celebration dance below. Oddly enough, he even won the second game (with a score of 132). I broke my record and got a 109. I told you we were all crappy. But we had a great time.

Behind goofy Hannah and overwhelmed Tony, you can see the whole family: Audrey, Paul, Kay, Donald, Tom (who's not related to them), and Norman (seated). Beca was there, too, but she must have been bowling when this shot was taken. Günter had to work, so couldn't play with us.

I really didn't have anything of consequence to blog about, but wanted to put in an appearance anyway.
Happy Spring!!


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