Wednesday, September 22, 2010

By popular (?) demand

Well, 66% (2) of my readers asked me to post more pictures of the backyard kitchen. The other 33% (1) is tired of hearing about it. The only things left to do on it are:
  • Flashing where the chimney goes through the roof (to keep rain from just running down the stovepipe);
  • Some sort of arrangement to hang some pots (check out the cool things Tom found for hanging utensils); and
  • Some sort of wire "trellis" on the outside for climbing vines (so we don't have to look at the steel siding).

But, it's essentially done and fully functional. I even test baked cinnamon rolls in it last weekend.

Check out the metal cabinet in the corner. Tom found it in the basement, and it's perfect. The doors have now been painted the same green as the other stuff.

Its next function is the house concert October 2. We're going to have chili and a couple other soups, homemade bread, and cinnamon rolls.

You know, it must be a Lincoln thing to always serve chili with cinnamon rolls. The whole concept was bizarre to me, but everyone from Lincoln seems to think they go together like Oreos and milk. It must be something that Lincoln Public Schools always served together or something. Personally, I think chili goes best with Fritos or soda crackers.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather on October 2.



At October 1, 2010 at 3:38 PM , Blogger Alfred said...

Jo, I'm guessing we're coming to Lincoln Oct. 2. I think I'll bring the old country gentleman Mr. Petty with. I wrote a new short story called "Midnight on the Water." Could I read that to folks on Oct. 2. If not, I will anyway. Bye and whatnot, Aldean


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